Michaela’s Success Story

MichaelaTypically after suffering six concussions it is difficult to get back on your feet… literally.

In high school Dr. P and his staff managed my symptoms through out multiple seasons and kept me in the game while still not compromising my health. In the spring of 2013 I fulfilled my dream and signed a letter of intent to play division one soccer. In order to get there we worked hard on balance, getting my eyes to track properly, and my personal favorite inserted adjustments when needed.

When I got to college I suffered my sixth concussion in the fall of 2013 after being knocked out during a practice. We had a conversation and decided that playing may no longer be a benefit to my health, but his job was only getting started. Recovering from a brain injury is not an easy task: it takes time, commitment, emotional investment, and lots of hard work. No concussion is the same and symptoms can change on a dime. I went from struggling with “typical” concussion symptoms to being diagnosed by Dr. P with P.O.T.S after I passed out trying to keep my fitness almost a year and a half after my last contact hit. I immediately contacted the office and instead of telling me I was crazy, they told me it made complete sense and that we just had some work to do in front of us. The staff is consistently learning, evolving, and utilizing new techniques and technologies. They keep treatment entertaining and fun, celebrating the little victories along the way.With their help I have been able to get back into working out, studying, and living a normal college life.

I owe many things to this practice, but I am especially thankful for the effort they make to make me feel at home.

– Michaela

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