We May Be Weird, But Our Treatment Is Not

  Those strange functional neurology exam tools… When you go for your first functional neurology exam, you’ll likely encounter exam procedures and tools not found a conventional doctor’s visit. Although high-tech equipment isn’t necessary for a functional neurology exam, it can help the practitioner perform a more thorough evaluation. For the patient, the functional neurology…

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Rehabilitation of Multiple T.B.I’s in a Teenage Athlete

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Traumatic Brain Injuries are becoming a more widely discussed topic with professional athletes coming forward with their own personal struggles. Not to mention the movie “Concussion” recently released on the silver screen. Most of us love sports. Most of us are also aware that with a lot of sports comes the risk of injury; and…

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Brain Fog…..It Really Exists

brain fog solutions with Southwest Brain Performance Centers

Brain Fog is a condition too many American’s suffer with on a daily basis. This seems to be a topic rarely talked about. Almost like a taboo subject, or maybe we are too self conscious to talk about it? However, there is a huge population that deal with brain fog everyday. Here is an article…

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