The Neuro Week Intensive Treatment

Your personalized Neuro Week Intensive is designed to be a five-day rehabilitation experience which utilizes a customized plan to address your unique condition. A patient is typically seen for three visits per day for 5 days. During a visit, you will spend 30 minutes with your doctor performing various exercises, followed by 15 minutes of supportive therapies. Your doctor will often utilize various therapeutic modalities, which may include:

  • Gaze stabilization on moving targets
  • Coordinated upper and lower extremity movements (passive and active)
  • Tactile therapies
  • Gait therapy about stationary objects
  • Convergence/divergence eye exercises using Brock Beads
  • Map targeting using a Motion Guidance Head Laser
  • Microcurrent electrical stimulation
  • iPad exercises using the Focus Builder App
  • Chiropractic manipulative therapy
While we do have patients that return for additional care, 80% of individuals only need to be seen for 5 days. At the end of your Week Intensive, your doctor will give you a specific Home Exercise Program (HEP) that must be followed to promote long term potentiation (hard wiring your neuroplastic changes). Your doctor will make a recommendation for continued care with your primary doctor or therapist, and whether future visits at SWBPC would be beneficial to you. Usually, this only requires a visit every 4-12 weeks for periodic re-evaluations and adjustments to your HEP.

Patient Responsibility And Other Considerations

Patient performing eye exercises with brock beads
Patient performing eye exercises with brock beads

Patient responsibility is essential in any treatment plan. Your ability to participate in your own care has a big impact on how quickly you recover. You will perform the majority of the physical therapy work at home with the help of your home exercise program (HEP). This program is made to work in conjunction with your office visits to promote maximum recovery. HEP will include exercises on the Focus Builder app on an iPad as well as other mental/physical exercises.

You will be strengthening and conditioning your body to promote healing and enhance function by following the exercises' instructions. When it comes to HEP, consistency is key, and patients who follow their plan typically speed up recovery and with better outcomes.

In addition to exercise, other factors of your normal regimen may have to be modified to support your recovery. To reduce inflammation or boost other functions, for instance, you might need to change your diet or take supplements. Although these adjustments can be difficult, they are essential to your overall development.

It can be challenging to make these changes on your own, which is why we as healthcare professionals give you the proper preparation during our Neuro-Intensive treatment before we let you go on your own to ensure maximum recovery. Your progress will be monitored, any questions you may have will be addressed, and our team will happily help you through the process.


We at Southwest Brain Performance Centers have experienced firsthand the benefits of patient responsibility and compliance to our recommendations. Patients' overall health and wellbeing tend to improve more quickly when they take an active role in their care.

We are committed to helping you along the way because we are passionate about seeing you achieve the same level of success.

Don’t let your symptoms hold you back