Core exercises are a great way to improve your brain health

Back pain complaints are often met with instruction to build up your core strength, and indeed this is important for better stability and protection for your back. But building core strength helps in another important way — it activates areas of the brain that can enhance stability, reduce pain, and naturally improve posture. When many…

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Digital Dementia

digital dementia treatment at Southwest Brain Performance Centers Albuquerque

Digital dementia and ADD: How smartphones rewire the brain People feel shame and guilt about their smartphone and digital addictions, but the truth is we are simply at the mercy of how profoundly technology shapes the human brain. It’s understandable why digital dementia” — the loss of cognitive function due to excessive digital use, and…

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We May Be Weird, But Our Treatment Is Not

  Those strange functional neurology exam tools… When you go for your first functional neurology exam, you’ll likely encounter exam procedures and tools not found a conventional doctor’s visit. Although high-tech equipment isn’t necessary for a functional neurology exam, it can help the practitioner perform a more thorough evaluation. For the patient, the functional neurology…

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