Digital Dementia Is Really A Thing

digital dementia treatment Southwest Brain Performance Centers

Could you be developing digital dementia? Are you addicted to social media? Do you rarely write with a pen anymore? Do you find it difficult to wait without checking your phone? If so, you may be at risk for developing digital dementia. Researchers theorize that overuse of digital technology breaks down short term memory and…

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Stop Memory Loss Before It Stops You!

reverse memory loss with Southwest Brain Performance Centers

Memory loss can be very scary for you and for your loved ones. How far are you willing to go to prevent this from happening? There are proven ways of preventing memory loss but the lifestyle changes are strict. What means more to you. Reverse memory loss right away to prevent dementia Although genetics play…

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Healthy Feet, Healthy Brain

your feet and your brain

Have you taken a good look at your feet lately? Believe it or not there is a big correlation with the health of your feet and the health of your brain. This is a great article explaining the different symptoms to look out for, what these symptoms mean and the potential long term affects of…

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