Women have more and worse concussions than men

When we think of concussions and brain injuries we tend to associate those with men — after all, they’re the ones playing football and predominantly in combat…but recent studies show both female athletes and women in general suffer a higher rate of concussions than men. Female brain injuries also tend to be more severe and…

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Nature and play: Essential, overlooked brain nutrients

Maybe you are doing all the right things for your brain: Consuming beneficial brain nutrients, sleeping well, exercising, and spending time with people you enjoy…but you may still be deficient in one factor all brains need for optimal function: Unstructured time in nature to play. Hundreds of studies point to the necessity of the human…

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Want a Better Brain? Go For a Walk!

walking exercises the brain

Want to improve and maintain your brain? Walk often — in nature While popular brain training gadgets and apps have their place, don’t overlook an age-old strategy to optimize brain health: Walking. Humans are unique from the rest of the animal kingdom because of our ability to walk upright on two legs, a development that…

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