As an individual can improve muscle tone with body training, you can improve your mood and concentration with brain training. Combining ultra-fast technology with modern brain monitoring software, brain mapping identified scenarios in which your brain responds to stress. Using these results, neurofeedback will help train your brain to relax or increase focus at the right times. Instead of treating an individual’s symptoms using habit forming medications with side effects, your brain can learn to naturally repair itself. The positive effects of neurofeedback have been shown to last for decades, permanently changing your brain function for the better.

Nerve Cell


All neurofeedback begins with a Quantitative Electroencephalogram (QEEG) evaluation, or a Brain Map. The QEEG is an assessment tool designed to objectively and scientifically evaluate a person’s brainwave patterns. It is used to determine if the patient is a good candidate for neurofeedback training.

How Do You Know if Your Brain is Not Working?

Symptoms are indicators that something is wrong. However, many times your body will not give those warning signs until it’s much too late. The brain is similar in many ways. In fact, Alzheimer’s disease silently steals the brain’s ability for short-term memory yet the average time it takes for a person to be diagnosed with the disease in seven years. By that time, the chances for any measure of repair is remote.

Why wait for symptoms to occur to find out that your brain is not functioning as well as it should? That would be like waiting to check the tread on your tires until you have a blowout at 70 MPH. Or waiting until your teeth fall out to get a dental checkup.

Neurofeedback Symptoms

What Can I Expect to Find?

Slow brain activity is one thing. What most people aren’t aware of is that ADD/ADHD is the result of a slow brain. But, what about a mind that races? Excessively fast brain activity will often lead to anxiety, insomnia, and even seizures! This high-speed brain activity, over time, uses an enormous amount of energy and, eventually fouls up digestion, confuses the immune system and upsets the reproductive system. As the brain and nervous system finally run out of gas, it’s typical to see depression, fatigue and exhaustion.
A malfunctioning brain affects every system and cell in the body. If health is defined as the optimal function of every organ and tissue, not merely the absence of disease, then the brain runs the show! Once the brain is trained to speed up/slow down, attention span, behavior and mood improve … without the use of habit-forming drugs or their side effects.

Don’t let your symptoms hold you back