Dizziness and Vertigo Treatment Albuquerque

Southwest Brain Performance Centers specializes in dizziness and vertigo treatment in Albuquerque.  Life with vertigo and constant dizziness or light-headedness is life changing. The basic goal at Southwest Brain Performance Centers is to help our patients suffering with vertigo or dizziness gain their quality of life back.

The frustrating part is that no one can see or feel the symptoms of dizziness, light-headedness or triggers that can bring on these serious sensations. We see this condition frequently and can guarantee that dizziness and vertigo treatment is possible.

Vertigo is one of the several disorders of the inner ear, brainstem or brain. The inner ear is responsible for relaying motion information to the areas of the brain that control balance. Therefore, any disruptions in the pathway from the inner ear through the brainstem to the cortex, caused by a serious injury to the ear, head or illness can result in a major problem.

Your sense of balance is prompted by your inner ear, your vision, as well as sensations from all the muscles in your body, including joints, and your spine (called proprioception). All these working parts need to be balanced and in harmony to function correctly.  Dysfunction in any of these areas can result in balance problems.

How We Can Help

We help patients’ everyday live healthier lives. We help with dizziness and vertigo treatment in Albuquerque by first assessing the patient’s current state and investigating the root cause of the problem.  We want to know if you’ve felt any sensations of motions (spinning, rolling or you just feel “off”) and if you’ve experienced nausea, vomiting, sweating or abnormal eye movement. We want to gain a well-rounded understanding of your entire medical history.

Southwest Brain Performance Center uses a force-plate computerized dynamic posturography unit to fully assess your balance along with eye tracking tests and proprioceptive testing to try to isolate the true cause of your dizziness and vertigo.

Dizziness and Vertigo Treatment

Specialists at Southwest Brain Performance will determine the therapies that need to be included in your treatment plan. At the end of your treatment, home exercises are given to continue to strengthen your balance. Our treatments often consist of short-term visits, but some require visits over periods of time to avoid future problems.

You Are In Good Hands

At Southwest Brain Performance Centers, you are a member of our family and your health is our top priority. We are confident that our training and experience will help you to a road of recovery.

Connecting with others and having a strong support system around you including your healthcare team at Southwest Brain Performance Centers is vital to your road to recovery. If you are interested in visiting a doctor for any type of dizziness and vertigo treatment in Albuquerque, call Southwest Brain Performance Center for more information at (505) 888-6800. We can’t wait to get you back to feeling better!