Using Functional Neurology for Everyday Treatment of Alzheimer’s

Functional Neurology is a practical, non-invasive way to approach and treat neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, dizziness, chronic headaches, neuropathies, or a combination of any of these conditions. Functional Neurology may also be used to treat patients that have been exposed to heavy metals. Heavy metal poisoning can mimic symptoms of diabetes with peripheral neuropathies. These and other symptoms like “brain fog” can be treated at Southwest Brain Performance Center with Functional Neurology. Please enjoy this article (that was published in the Frontier of Neurology)on success we have had with a recent patient that suffered from both neuropathy symptoms and Alzheimer’s disease.


Frontiers _ Functional neurological rehabilitation of a 68 year-old male with symptoms consistent with early-mid stage Alzheimer’s disease


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