Biofeedback Therapy Albuquerque

Biofeedback therapy Albuquerque, proudly offered at Southwest Brain Performance Centers, may help resolve a number of your stress-related health issues. Also referred to as ‘brain mapping’ and ‘neurofeedback’, biofeedback therapy is a non-invasive procedure that measures brainwave activity. This inexpensive evaluation of electrical activity paints a picture of how you uniquely respond to a variety of stressors. At SWBPC, we’re proud to offer many therapeutic treatment options designed to help your mind and body.

Singling Out Stress

According to the National Institute of Health, stress is 90% of the reason people see doctors of any kind. Many people believe that stress only causes psychological issues like anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Not only can this strain cause fatigue and unstable moods, it can also negatively impact the body. Our brain training can help relieve patients’ suffering from serious problems like traumatic brain injuries and concussions, autism, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel, and seizures.

Our caring practitioners don’t just treat your symptoms, they seek to discover the root of your issues and solve your complete neurological puzzle. Our goal is to help you perform better on a day to day basis and achieve long-term success. Whether you’re an athlete or actor suffering from performance issues, or if you’re afflicted with anxiety that causes you to lose sleep and underperform at work, biofeedback therapy in Albuquerque can improve your everyday life. The greatest aspect of neurofeedback is that your brain learns to heal itself.

The Doctor Is In(ternal)

Like improving muscle with body training, you can improve your mood and concentration with brain training. Combining ultra-fast technology with modern brain monitoring software, brain mapping identifies scenarios in which your brain responds to stress. Using these results, biofeedback therapy Albuquerque will help train your brain to relax or increase focus at the right times. Instead of using habit-forming medications with side effects to treat symptoms, your brain can learn to naturally repair itself. The positive effects of neurofeedback have shown to last for decades, permanently changing your brain functioning for the better.

Life may be stressful but stress can be managed. In taking the time to train your brain to be more flexible in stressful situations, you’ll develop healthy neurological habits that act as permanent solutions. Don’t let stress set you back. Trust biofeedback therapy in Albuquerque through Southwest Brain Performance Centers.