Extreme Sports Can Cause Extreme Problems

extreme sports injury treatment at Southwest Brain Performance Centers Albuquerque

Extreme sports join football in repetitive brain trauma fallout The suicide of BMX legend Dave Mirra this year has forced an uncomfortable topic to surface — many extreme sport athletes, and the adolescents and weekend warriors they inspire, face a higher risk of long term brain disorders due to repetitive crashes and hits to the…

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We May Be Weird, But Our Treatment Is Not

  Those strange functional neurology exam tools… When you go for your first functional neurology exam, you’ll likely encounter exam procedures and tools not found a conventional doctor’s visit. Although high-tech equipment isn’t necessary for a functional neurology exam, it can help the practitioner perform a more thorough evaluation. For the patient, the functional neurology…

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Multiple Small Traumas Add Up

All those “non-concussions” add up to brain injury You don’t have to have to receive a concussion diagnosis to have an injured brain. Small but repeated insults to the brain — falls, crashes, whiplash, being near explosions, landing on your tailbone — damage brain tissue. Even if the head is not directly hit, a blow…

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