Can You Hear That?

vestibular damage treatment Southwest Brain Performance Centers

Concussions and whiplash can damage the inner ear Although most people worry about skull fractures and brain damage when they sustain a head injury, the inner ear, or vestibular system, also is frequently damaged and causes long-term problems if neglected. Vestibular injury frequently goes undiagnosed and underestimated despite causing symptoms such as dizziness, anxiety, depression,…

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Have you looked in the mirror lately?

what head tilts mean

Always tilting your head could signal a brain problem Do you find you can stay more focused and understand information better if you tilt your head to one side? Or perhaps you think you’re holding your head straight until a photographer asks you to straighten it. A persistent head tilt can be a sign of…

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Functional Neurology Is What We Do, Baby

concussions and functional neurology with Southwest Brain Performance Centers

Why functional neurology after a brain injury is vital If you sustain a brain injury, even a mild one, it’s important to be evaluated by a functional neurologist to prevent long term damage and symptoms. Functional neurology uses diagnostic testing that is more sensitive and thorough than normal and that customize rehabilitation based on specific…

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