Want a Better Brain? Go For a Walk!

walking exercises the brain

Want to improve and maintain your brain? Walk often — in nature While popular brain training gadgets and apps have their place, don’t overlook an age-old strategy to optimize brain health: Walking. Humans are unique from the rest of the animal kingdom because of our ability to walk upright on two legs, a development that…

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Do you feel what I hear?

vestibular system emotions

How your inner ear can influence your emotions We tend to think of our emotions as being strictly tied to our psychology and personality — some people are highly emotional and others are not. But did you know your inner can profoundly affect your emotions? Our inner ear, called the vestibular system, is integrated with…

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Have you looked in the mirror lately?

what head tilts mean

Always tilting your head could signal a brain problem Do you find you can stay more focused and understand information better if you tilt your head to one side? Or perhaps you think you’re holding your head straight until a photographer asks you to straighten it. A persistent head tilt can be a sign of…

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