I was very impressed with the services you provide. I was very nervous about the appointment, and your staff helped me to relax. They are all very friendly and understanding. I had no idea that chiropractic care is so extensive. Thank you for your help. – Joyce, Albuquerque

They were very informative and sensitive to my particular needs. I feel confident that we will work together to address my healing and recovery. – Patti, Edgewood

We're off to a good start. Although my issues are long-standing and complicated, Dr. Pendleton seemed happy to take me on as his patient. He is one of the few providers I've seen who has a can-do attitude and is willing to think outside the box. I am excited to be working with him and look forward to making some significant improvements. – Jill, Albuquerque

Very thorough tests. Dr. Pendleton and Dr. Meints were friendly , passionate about their work, kind and caring. My husband, a doctor, arttended with me and was very impressed. Judy and Jordan was wonderful and the whole atmosphere warm and happy. It was great! – Jan, Albuquerque

As a NM physician, I expected at least some“home-court” advantage in navigating medical care for a Traumatic Brain injury. Yet, after numerous visits with various specialists, I just found myself more frustrated… only now with an emptied bank account. Even with diminished cognitive function, the lack of current TBI education was obvious with each referred specialist. I resolved to investigate specialists in larger, more cosmopolitan cities. My last hope was to procure a bank loan and obtain medical care in Scottsdale, AZ or San Francisco, CA. Indeed, a huge and very expensive undertaking. The injury had rattled my ability to concentrate, sleep, read, even following a conversation or movie was difficult. My family was frightened, my work suffered greatly and my worries of permanent damage grew. When Dr. Pendleton of SW Brain Performance was recommended, I was skeptical. It had been more than 2 years since my injury occurred, but the symptoms remained, as did the sting of financial losses from repeated antiquated care. Would this be another expensive disappointment? I finally relented and scheduled a consult. At the consult, Dr. Pendleton quickly identified my symptoms, many before I even spoke of them. He also noted other symptoms I had not recognized and fully explained his protocol of care. His approach was very different from the doctors I had seen previously. I was cautiously hopeful and began care at SW Brain Performance. Within four treatments I saw tremendous improvement in my symptoms. My headaches, dizziness and extreme light sensitivity disappeared. For the first time in 2+ years I could read printed matter without blurry vision or nausea! I rediscovered an ease in multitasking both personally and professionally with continued treatments. My recall and train of thought improved greatly and have remained improved after ending my care with Dr. Pendleton. If you or someone you love is struggling with the effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury, this should be your first call. - Dr. M.C.

Outstanding. – Warren, Albuquerque

Always pleasant and I am making good progress with the exercises provided. – Cricket, Corrales

I was referred by two close friends when my sciatica continued to grow worse and impact my driving, sitting to eat dinner, and even quilting. Any time I had to sit, the shooting pains were very uncomfortable. After my first visit, all shooting pain had stopped! I only have an ache when I sit. I really wish I hadn't waited so long to go to Dr. Pendleton. I am looking forward to my second visit. – Judith, Albuquerque

Caring, comprehensive, pleasant. – Barbara, Chapel Hills

Timely, professional, personal, fabulous. – Ron M, Albuquerque

Love the practice!! – Nancy, Corrales








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