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Autism could be related to Mom’s diet

Autism often linked to early brain autoimmunity   Autism spectrum disorder rates have increased by about 80 percent in the last 15 years, and an estimated one in 45 children have autism. While both parents scramble and scientists search for answers, one factor increasingly shows up in research: An immune system gone awry attacking the […]

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119 girls with autism

Girls with autism show different symptoms than boys

An accurate diagnosis can be the difference between treating symptoms or healing the underlying issue. Here at Southwest Brain Performance Centers we want to give you the most accurate assessment possible so we can treat the person and not the diagnosis. Call us today for an appointment.     We commonly think of autism spectrum […]

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Functional Neurology vs. Conventional Treatments

At SWBrainPC Functional Neurology is exactly what we utilize for treatment. This article greatly discloses multiple neurological symptoms people suffer from on a daily basis, as well as explaining in layman’s terms precisely what we use for diagnosing and treatment. We use functional neurological  exercises using your own body to rehabilitate your own brain.  No longer […]

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