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I Whip My Neck Back and Forth (Whiplash Can Cause Dizziness)

  I know you have heard it before but it bears repeating; your brain is connected to everything. We all know it, but it’s easy to forget. The inner ear is very small but if it is not healthy it can cause major problems to your brain which affects the whole body. A simple thing […]

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Rehabilitation of Multiple T.B.I’s in a Teenage Athlete

 Traumatic Brain Injuries are becoming a more widely discussed topic with professional athletes coming forward with their own personal struggles. Not to mention the movie “Concussion” recently released on the silver screen. Most of us love sports. Most of us are also aware that with a lot of sports comes the risk of injury; and […]

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Brain injuries on a blue background. Illustration.

Protocol Everyone Should Follow Post-Concussion

Follow a healthy brain protocol after a concussion Medical advice following a concussion is straightforward: Get plenty of rest, avoid stimulating the brain, and don’t return to regular activities until your brain can handle it. But a concussion is a much bigger deal than people realize, and there is plenty more you can do to […]

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Sports Concussion and Neurofeedback

by Advanced Neurotherapy, PC A sports concussion is a traumatic brain injury caused by impact to the head while participating in sports, particularly contact sports. If left untreated, concussions can result in long-term negative effects on brain function and can even result in fatality. This has become a growing problem for young athletes. The American […]

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