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124 what head tilt means

Have you looked in the mirror lately?

Always tilting your head could signal a brain problem Do you find you can stay more focused and understand information better if you tilt your head to one side? Or perhaps you think you’re holding your head straight until a photographer asks you to straighten it. A persistent head tilt can be a sign of […]

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111 func neuro vs conv neuro_pic

Functional Neurology vs. Conventional Treatments

At SWBrainPC Functional Neurology is exactly what we utilize for treatment. This article greatly discloses multiple neurological symptoms people suffer from on a daily basis, as well as explaining in layman’s terms precisely what we use for diagnosing and treatment. We use functional neurological  exercises using your own body to rehabilitate your own brain.  No longer […]

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110 types of tremors_pic

Why Am I Shaking???

  Tremors and movement disorders are becoming more and more common not only internationally, but especially here in the US. There are many types of tremors amongst patients globally to date.  Understanding the variations, misconceptions and the potential causes of these tremors can help you in your search for treatment.  Please enjoy this article on tremors. […]

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