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124 what head tilt means

Have you looked in the mirror lately?

Always tilting your head could signal a brain problem Do you find you can stay more focused and understand information better if you tilt your head to one side? Or perhaps you think you’re holding your head straight until a photographer asks you to straighten it. A persistent head tilt can be a sign of […]

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123 concussions and func neurology

Functional Neurology Is What We Do, Baby

  Why functional neurology after a brain injury is vital If you sustain a brain injury, even a mild one, it’s important to be evaluated by a functional neurologist to prevent long term damage and symptoms. Functional neurology uses diagnostic testing that is more sensitive and thorough than normal and that customize rehabilitation based on […]

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118 HTML whiplash and dizziness

I Whip My Neck Back and Forth (Whiplash Can Cause Dizziness)

  I know you have heard it before but it bears repeating; your brain is connected to everything. We all know it, but it’s easy to forget. The inner ear is very small but if it is not healthy it can cause major problems to your brain which affects the whole body. A simple thing […]

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Dizziness…A Symptom Not A Disease

Dizziness, the feeling of the world moving around you or even rocking on a boat are all symptoms of a more serious problem, i.e. vestibular dysfunction, that you might not be aware of going inside your brain. According to the Vestibular Disorder Association “approximately 69 million Americans have experienced some form of a vestibular dysfunction”. At Southwest […]

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car driving

Gyana’s Success Story

I was involved in a severe auto accident. I suffered with a head injury that was diagnosed as post-concussive syndrome. I honestly didn’t know how I would recover from this trauma. I researched my options and tried various modalities, some of which helped, but they were limited in the overall improvement of my brain functioning. […]

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Sports Concussion and Neurofeedback

by Advanced Neurotherapy, PC A sports concussion is a traumatic brain injury caused by impact to the head while participating in sports, particularly contact sports. If left untreated, concussions can result in long-term negative effects on brain function and can even result in fatality. This has become a growing problem for young athletes. The American […]

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Michaela’s Success Story

Typically after suffering six concussions it is difficult to get back on your feet… literally. In high school Dr. P and his staff managed my symptoms through out multiple seasons and kept me in the game while still not compromising my health. In the spring of 2013 I fulfilled my dream and signed a letter […]

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