Brain injuries on a blue background. Illustration.

Protocol Everyone Should Follow Post-Concussion

Follow a healthy brain protocol after a concussion Medical advice following a concussion is straightforward: Get plenty of rest, avoid stimulating the brain, and don’t return to regular activities until your brain can handle it. But a concussion is a much bigger deal than people realize, and there is plenty more you can do to […]

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Gyana’s Success Story

I was involved in a severe auto accident. I suffered with a head injury that was diagnosed as post-concussive syndrome. I honestly didn’t know how I would recover from this trauma. I researched my options and tried various modalities, some of which helped, but they were limited in the overall improvement of my brain functioning. […]

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Cricket’s Success Story

I was 55 years old when I first went to see Dr. Pendleton for help with some vision problems. I had had nystagmus since I was 18, and my double vision had been growing worse over the past 15 years. After a series of tests, Dr. P determined that my two problems were related, caused […]

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Sports Concussion and Neurofeedback

by Advanced Neurotherapy, PC A sports concussion is a traumatic brain injury caused by impact to the head while participating in sports, particularly contact sports. If left untreated, concussions can result in long-term negative effects on brain function and can even result in fatality. This has become a growing problem for young athletes. The American […]

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Can Neurofeedback Help with Dementia & Alzheimer’s Symptoms?

This recent thesis describes a study in which 10 patients with Alzheimer’s Disease were treated with neurofeedback, and  concluded that “neurofeedback has a positive effect on the cognitive performance of patients with Alzheimer’s Disease”: Luijmes, R. E. The Effectiveness of Neurofeedback on Cognitive Functioning in Patients with Alzheimer s Disease. This 2008 study describes how […]

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Michaela’s Success Story

Typically after suffering six concussions it is difficult to get back on your feet… literally. In high school Dr. P and his staff managed my symptoms through out multiple seasons and kept me in the game while still not compromising my health. In the spring of 2013 I fulfilled my dream and signed a letter […]

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