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Brain Fog….take #2

Brain Fog is a chronic problem left unaddressed and untreated by many Americans.  So many people are “foggy headed” or “space out” often without realizing a direct correlation with a clinical diagnosis of Brain Fog. Consequently, left untreated, Brain Fog lead to multiple, chronic, and dangerous health problems. Diet, exercise and Functional Neurology are key factors […]

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How Can Functional Neurology Treat Childhood Brain Disorders?

 ADD, ADHD, and Autism are just some of the few developmental brain disorders that children suffer with to date. Functional Neurology is a practical, natural and safe approach for treatment of these disorders as well as many others. Please enjoy this article and keep SWBrainPC in mind when seeking real answers, not “cover-ups” for your child.

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Functional Neurology vs. Conventional Treatments

At SWBrainPC Functional Neurology is exactly what we utilize for treatment. This article greatly discloses multiple neurological symptoms people suffer from on a daily basis, as well as explaining in layman’s terms precisely what we use for diagnosing and treatment. We use functional neurological  exercises using your own body to rehabilitate your own brain.  No longer […]

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Why Am I Shaking???

  Tremors and movement disorders are becoming more and more common not only internationally, but especially here in the US. There are many types of tremors amongst patients globally to date.  Understanding the variations, misconceptions and the potential causes of these tremors can help you in your search for treatment.  Please enjoy this article on tremors. […]

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Brain Fog…..It Really Exists

 Brain Fog is a condition too many American’s suffer with on a daily basis. This seems to be a topic rarely talked about. Almost like a taboo subject, or maybe we are too self conscious to talk about it? However, there is a huge population that deal with brain fog everyday. Here is an article […]

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Confessions of an Office Manager

  I have a confession to make. I have been dealing with an addiction for over half of my life. This is something I use almost daily. Even if I don’t use it, I always have it on me, ready to partake at any given moment. The addiction has dug itself so deep into me […]

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